Over the summer months, Transported commissioned Sound Artist Rebecca Lee who has been exploring sound and sense of place in several villages across South Holland. Tulip Radio will be broadcasting Rebecca's recordings between 25th November and 30th December 2014.
Rebecca Lee is a musician and artist who has been visiting community groups and events collecting hundreds of sounds which reveal something of the history, personalities, unusual facts and life of these communities. Rebecca has visited Sutton St James, Holbeach St Johns, Moulton Chapel, Moulton Seas End, Quadring and Bicker during the summer months and there have been over 400 people who have given their voice, told a story or made a recording! From youth groups, to gardening groups, local history talent competitions, these 'quiet' villages are full of noises!

Lyn Watts, Bicker resident, has said; 'It has been a pleasure working with [Rebecca]. [She] has been most thoughtful of peoples feelings and tactful in [her] approach to making the sound recordings and taking the photographs. I was particularly impressed that [Rebecca] took the trouble to remember everyone's names. I hope that [she] enjoyed the experience as much as we all did and we look forward to hearing our moment of fame on Tulip Radio.'
The project, called Outside Broadcast, aimed to broadcast the voices and sounds that are not usually heard in public - they are outside what we normally hear on the radio. Starting with an initial 'Tulip Time' Talk on the 18th November between 6pm and 7pm with Rebecca and Transported's Arts Engagement Worker Lauren Williams, the audio documentaries Rebecca has created will be broadcast as a series on Spalding's community radio station, Tulip Radio in Autumn 2014 - a full list of broadcasts are detailed below.

Rebecca Lee, Musician and Artist, states that; 'Outside Broadcast began because, growing up in small village in Lincolnshire, I know how important local radio stations are - for the weather, community news and connecting people. So I wanted to find a way to use the medium of radio to share something about the villages I was working in. I wasn't sure how interested people would be, but in each of the six villages, I have been overwhelmed by generous suggestions and invitations for me to go make recordings. People seem to really like the idea of collecting sounds, and importantly, local stories told by local voices. I am also pleased that I'll be able to leave the recordings with the villages so they have a record for the future. These villages are so often thought of as quiet and sleepy but there's so much going on!'

Rebecca has recorded over 40 hours of sounds across the project! The growing library of sounds from each of the villages can also be explored via Rebecca's Audioboom page which can be accessed via the Outside Broadcast blog.

Dates for your diary:
18th November 2014 6pm- 7pm - 'Tulip Time' Talk with Rebecca Lee and Lauren Williams
25th November 12pm - 1pm* - Holbeach St Johns
2nd December 12pm - 1pm* - Quadring
9th December 12pm - 1pm* - Moulton Chapel
16th December 12pm - 1pm* - Moulton Seas End
23rd December 12pm - 1pm* - Bicker
30th December 12pm- 1pm* - Sutton St James

*Each of these documentaries will also be broadcast during the early hours of the morning for night time factory staff.
If you have any questions about the project please call Lauren Williams at Transported on 01406 701006 or 07747 271824, or email:

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