In terms of geographic area, Lincolnshire Police is one of the largest forces in the United Kingdom covering 2,284 square miles. The population of the area covered is approximately 646,000.

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For all non-emergency calls contact Lincolnshire Police on 0300 111 0300
Grantham police station: (01476) 402222
Stamford police station: (01780) 752222
Spalding police station: (01775) 722233
Bourne police station: (01778) 394892
Crimestoppers: 0800 555111

This is a message from PCSO Emma Simpson,

With the warm spell of weather we are currently experiencing please make sure after using any garden equipment or tools, that they are stored securely away once finished with. Ensure all sheds, out buildings and gates are locked when not in use.

Also take a moment to make sure you have shut and locked any open windows when you are going out.

Thank you.


Your Local Policing Team
Cheif Inspector
 Paul Timmings                           
Paul is the Chief Inspector for Boston and South Holland

Jim Tyner
Jim is the Community Policing Inspector for Spalding
PC Paul Smith
Paul joined the police force in October 1988 and transferred to Lincolnshire police force in April 1997 and was based at Boston police station, but moved to Spalding within a few months where he is still stationed. When he first joined he was placed in the response and patrol team, dealing with incidents as they were called in. He is now the Community Beat Manager for the Spalding Town Neighbourhood Policing Team.

PCSO Lisa Waterfall
Lisa started work as a PCSO in November 2009. She completed her eight week training period at Boston police station. After she had finished the training she was posted to Spalding police station. Lisa has been part of the town centre beat team from January 2010.
She has been raised in the area so knows the area well and a lot of its residents.

PCSO Zara Nacheva
Zara started her service with Lincolnshire Police in February 2007 as a Police Community Support Officer, based atSpalding Police station. Initially, she was part of the North Rural NPT and covered a large rural area between Spalding and Donington. In March 2008 she started a secondment with the UK Border Agency for 18 months, based in London. She returned to Spalding Police Station during December 2009 where she began operational duties on the Spalding Estates NPT. Using her linguistic skills she has been able to engage with minority groups and increasing their confidence in reporting issues and passing on intelligence regarding criminal behaviour. Zara has also helped out with a large number of investigations by being able to speak to witnesses in their native tongue and bringing about solutions to problems quickly and effectively. Her current job role involves visible patrol, engaging with communities and working on beat priorities, including responding to incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour.

PCSO Paul Coupland
Paul joined Lincolnshire Police in September 2003 as a Police Community Support Officer. Being one of the first in the area and the fact that the role was still in its infancy, Paul covered the whole of the sector with very little supervision. In January 2005 Paul left the force and started work as a prison officer at HMP Peterborough.
However he decided he was happier in his role as a PCSO and re-joined the force in November 2005 and was assigned to Spalding Estates.

PCSO Ryan Ellis
While in education Ryan joined Lincolnshire Police in 2002 as a Volunteer Police Cadet. This involved learning about the job structure and rolls within the police service. He also represented Lincolnshire Police in a number of Cadet competitions held at both the Metropolitan training Headquarters at Hendon, and Lincolnshire Police headquarters in Lincoln, which consisted in both Police role-plays (as the student officers now partake in) and drill sequences. When Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPT's) were introduced in 2004, he became involved in working with the Bourne NPT assisting in both operational and admin duties. On 26th November 2007, Ryan started his Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) training. He was stationed in Spalding and began operational duties on the Spalding North Rural NPT on 24th December 2007. Within his role in the North Rural NPT he covered a large rural area which included all villages between Spalding and Donington. Since September 2008 he has been on the Spalding Estates NPT where he is responsible for the St Paul's ward and Springfield's shopping outlet.  Ryan's job role within the Estates varies from engagement activities to responding to incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour.

PCSO Kimberly Marlowe
Kim has worked for Lincolnshire Police for five years as a Police Community Support Officer. She started at Boston Police Station and moved to Spalding Police Station two and a half years ago. She currently works as part of Spalding Estates NPT. There are many different aspects to Kim's role. These include engaging with the community, dealing with neighbourhood priorities, attending RTC's and attending school. Every day is different and you never know what is going to happen from one hour to the next.

PC Craig Lockton
Craig started his policing career with the Metropolitan Police in January 1999. He transferred to Lincolnshire Police in 2003. In February 2006 he undertook a week long tutor constable course at South Division Headquarters. He has tutored three probationer constables and joined the Neighbourhood Policing Team in January 2010. Craig has responsibility, as Community Beat Manager, for the Spalding Estates Neighbourhood Policing Team.

PCSO Colin Abbotts
Colin joined Lincolnshire Police as a PCSO in 2007. His first posting was to Spalding South Rural NPT where he worked for one year.Colin has been posted to Spalding Rural North beat area for the last two years, predominantly covering the main villages of Gosberton, Quadring and Donington.

PCSO Sally Pusey
Sally joined Lincolnshire Police in 2009 and after training was posted to Spalding Rural North NPT. She has been working in the beat area for two years predominantly covering the main villages of Pinchbeck, West Pinchbeck and Surfleet.

PCSO Adam Davis
Adam joined Lincolnshire Police in February 2007. After completing initial training PCSO Davis joined the Spalding South rural beat team, which includes Crowland, Deeping St Nicholas and Tongue End in March 2007.

PCSO Kirsty Taylor
Kirsty has been working as a PCSO for two years and eight months, working one year in Holbeach and the remaining time on a specialised Neighbourhood Action Team working around the south of the county. After working on the Neighbourhood Action Team, Kirsty came back to the South Holland area and worked alongside the
Spalding South Rural Team. Within the last couple of moths Kirsty has become a member of the Spalding Estates Neighbourhood Policing Team and is thoroughly enjoying getting herself known within the close community.

PC Ian Coulson
Ian joined Lincolnshire Police in 1997, and has undertaken a variety of roles whilst within the Service. He has been a response driver covering the areas of Boston, Holbeach and Spalding. He has also been a Rural Beat officer for Long Sutton and Sutton Bridge. Ian then changed roles and became a member of the Rural Task Force, whereby he was involved in a variety of major incidents, and pro-active operations. Ian is now the Community Beat Manager for the Spalding Rural North and Spalding Rural South Neighbourhood Policing Teams.

PC Robert Jones
Bob joined Lincolnshire Police working at Grantham initially before moving to Spalding and then Holbeach.
PC Jones is the Community Beat Manager for the Holbeach Town and Rural area.

PCSO Tracy Mason
Tracy joined Lincolnshire police on 30th March 2009 and joined Holbeach Town & Rural policing team on 1st September 2012, having moved from Spalding NPT where she had been a member since 2009. Before she joined Lincolnshire police she worked at a local secondary school. Tracy worked as a midday supervisor and this means that she has a lot of experience with young people. Though Tracy can be seen in any of the team’s area, her primary beat is the Holbeach and Whaplode area of the beat and the issues that are raised there.

PCSO Jane Gardner
Jane joined Lincolnshire Police in 2006 as a PCSO based in Holbeach. She is a local woman. Her previous jobs were desk based so she welcomed the change of role as every day is different.Though Jane can be seen in any of the team’s area, her primary beat is the Holbeach and Whaplode area of the beat and the issues that are raised there.

PCSO Ian Cripps
Ian joined Lincolnshire police as a PCSO in March of 2008. Ian moved to the Holbeach area in 2004 after living in Hampshire most of his adult life. He now patrols the Holbeach Town & Rural neighbourhood policing teams area on a daily basis. Though Ian can be seen in any of the team’s area, his primary beat is the rural area of the beat and the issues that are raised there