Take a look and find out what's on air now, and what's scheduled for the rest of the week.


7am-11am Breakfast Callum Pepper
11am-3pm Lunch Harry Evans
3pm-6pm Drive Matt Baker
6pm-9pm 60s & 70s Barry James
9pm-11pm Rock Pat Baker
11pm-12am Rock 'n' Roll Mike Marwick


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7am-11am Breakfast Dave Mustoe
11am-3pm Lunch Josh Francis
3pm-6pm Drive Callum Pepper
6pm-7pm Hospital Show Steve Weatherly-barton
7pm-9pm Northern Soul Andy Jackson
9pm-11pm Late Evening Gary Jackson
11pm-12am Best of British Matt Graveling






7am-11am Breakfast Dave Mustoe
11am-12pm Showbiz Lunch George Drakard
12pm-3pm Lunch Harry Evans
3pm-6pm Drive Harvey Wright
6pm-7pm Red Train Express Andy Saunders
7pm-9pm Folk Liz Padgett
9pm-10pm Club Classics Sean Bell
10pm-12am 90s Mike Brown








7am-11am Breakfast Callum Pepper
11am-3pm Lunch Josh Baldwin
3pm-6pm Drive Sam Loose
6pm-8pm Weekend Anthems Shaun Neal
8pm-10pm Nu-Vibe Rob Bray
10pm-12am Fascinating Rhythms Steven Dawson


7am-11am Breakfast Sam Loose
11am-3pm Lunch Josh Baldwin
3pm-6pm Drive Matt Baker
6pm-8pm Gardening Steve & Annie Weatherly-Barton
8pm-10pm Country Tim Rogers
10pm-12am Country Bill Black




8am-10am Sunday Starter Steve & Annie Weatherly-Barton
10am-12pm Showtime Callum Pepper
12pm-2pm Mellow Moments Andy Saunders
2pm-4pm Golden Oldies Clive Vickers-Clark
4pm-6pm Soul Chart Kevin J
6pm-8pm Soul Stew Paul Gray
8pm-10pm Finn Ryder Finn Ryder
10pm-12am 60's Doug Hall




8am-12pm Breakfast Callum Pepper
12pm-2pm Lunch Christopher Smith
2pm-5pm Sports Harvey Wright
5pm-7pm Stafford Worlds Mark Stafford
7pm-9pm Weekend Mike Marwick
9pm-10pm Entertainment Power Paul Baker
10pm-12am Late Evening Chris Gordon